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Planning Commission


The commission consists of seven members appointed by a majority vote of the City Council. Members must be residents of Carlsbad and normally serve four-year terms.

Meeting Times, Locations & Agendas


  • Implementation of the General Plan: Makes recommendations to the City Council regarding implementation and updating of the General Plan. When needed, provides recommendations to the Council regarding policy issues that affect long-range planning for the city.
  • Review of development projects: Provides timely recommendations to the City Council when the Planning Department has completed its review of a development project for compliance with the General Plan and all zoning, subdivision and environmental ordinances. Provides a forum for public input into the review of development projects. Provides clear, concise findings to the City Council to support the recommendations of the Commission.
  • Implementation of the Growth Management Program: Provides report to the City Council on the local facilities management plans once the Planning Department has completed detailed review. Reviews annual Capital Improvement Program for consistency with Growth Management Program.
  • Pro-active capacity: Identifies potential problems and opportunities facing the city. Suggests special studies when appropriate.
  • Committees: Serves on special committees or task forces as requested by the City Council.
Source: Carlsbad Municipal Code, Chapter 2.24

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Planning Division
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