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Composting Workshop, 5/20

The City of Carlsbad is partnering with The Ecology Center to host a hands-on composting workshop this spring. Composting turns organic waste, including food scraps, leaves and grass trimmings, into organic fertilizer. Participation is free for Carlsbad residents. Registration is required.

Saturday, May 20 - Composting Workshop

2 to 4 p.m.
Calavera Schoolhouse Community Garden
2997 Glasgow Drive

  • Learn how to build and maintain healthy organic soil using your kitchen scraps and yard waste. Offered for Carlsbad residents in partnership with the City of Carlsbad.

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More Information
Carlsbad residents may apply for a discount coupon to purchase a yard waste bin or vermicomposting bin at a subsidized rate while supplies last. To register for a workshop or apply for a bin coupon, visit The Ecology Center website. For questions about these programs please visit the city’s composting page, contact the city’s Recycling & Trash staff at 760-602-4646 or recycle.trash@carlsbadca.gov

April 27, 2017