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Budget Meetings Begin

The first of four public meetings to discuss the proposed city budget will take place Tuesday, May 9, during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, starting at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The evening’s presentation focuses on the “Capital Improvement Program” budget, which covers major infrastructure investments like roads, water pipes and drainage and sewer systems. 

At a Glance 

  • The city’s budget planning process follows a fiscal year that runs July 1 through June 30.
  • The preliminary budget is presented in two parts: the “Capital Improvement Program” budget, covering major projects, and the operating budget, which covers day to day city services.
  • Each year city staff recommend spending plans based on available funding and city priorities; following City Council feedback and public input, the final budget is adopted by the City Council. 

The schedule for this year’s budget process includes: 

Capital Improvement Program Workshop – May 9, 6 p.m. City Council Chamber

City staff present the proposed spending plan for major infrastructure projects like roads, water pipes, and sewer and drainage systems. Public comment is welcome. 

Operating Budget Workshop – May 23, 6 p.m., City Council Chamber
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive

City staff present the proposed spending plan for day to day city services like parks, libraries, planning and public safety. Public comment is welcome. 

Public Budget Workshop – May 30, 5 p.m., City Council Chamber
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive

Representatives from all city departments are on hand to discuss the proposed spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1 and answer questions from the public. Questions and feedback are provided to the City Council for its consideration prior to the final adoption of the budget. 

Public Hearing and Adoption – June 13, 6 p.m., City Council Chamber
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive

City staff present the final budget to the City Council for adoption. Public comment is welcome.

The budget planning process typically begins with an annual City Council goal setting workshop at the beginning of the calendar year. In setting goals, the City Council focuses on achieving the Carlsbad Community Vision, a set of nine core values developed through a two year public involvement process. Input from the city’s annual resident satisfaction survey and the city’s financial forecast also plays a role in setting budget priorities.  

“The proposed Capital Improvements Program continues our steady investment in our infrastructure,” said city Budget Manager Helga Stover. Whether it’s building something new, expanding existing capacities or performing preventive maintenance, we place a high priority on making sure the nuts and bolts of our city are in good shape.” 

Projects proposed in the Capital Improvement Program are selected based on additional criteria, including public health and safety, legal and regulatory requirements, and ensuring the city is meeting the standards of its voter approved Growth Management Program. The program puts strict conditions on growth so that public facilities and services keep pace with increases in population to ensure Carlsbad maintains an excellent and sustainable quality of life.  

The proposed Capital Improvement Program for fiscal year 2017-18 outlines approximately $54 million in funding for the continuation of existing projects and new projects. Since some projects span multiple years, the $54 million will not all be spent in the next fiscal year. The proposed 2017-18 Capital Improvement Program budget is about $10 million less than last year’s. 

Even though money is appropriated each year through the Capital Improvement Program budget process, large projects still must be authorized by the City Council before proceeding. 

About 40 percent of the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget comes from developer fees. Other funding comes from special financing districts, infrastructure replacement funds set aside by the city, the state gas tax, Transnet, grants and other agencies.  

The proposed Capital Improvement Program budget for 2017-18, including the full list of projects, is available on the city website.  

For more information 
Helga Stover, 760-602-2429, helga.stover@carlsbadca.gov 

City Council Staff Report  (starts on page 262)

City media contact 
Kristina Ray, 760-434-2957, kristina.ray@carlsbadca.gov




May 5, 2017