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Library Receives Donation

The City of Carlsbad today announced that the estate of the late Rosemary Falkenstein, a longtime library supporter, has donated $860,000 to Carlsbad City Library. Rosemary’s husband Dr. Herbert Falkenstein was a college professor, diplomat and former president of Carlsbad City Library’s Board of Trustees.

At A Glance

  • Rosemary and Herbert Falkenstein have a long history of supporting Carlsbad City Library.
  • The Falkenstein donation has been designated to preserve and support the library’s history resources.
  • Carlsbad City Library is recognized for its Carlsbad History Collection, which preserves local history. The collection is available for community use and include family letters, memorabilia, photographs, films, newspapers and early city documents.

More Information

A former educator and diplomat, Dr. Falkenstein was appointed president of the Carlsbad City Library’s Board of Trustees in 1979. During his tenure, Dr. Falkenstein built a reputation as the creative force behind a series of popular, free and timely library lectures and seminars, assisted by his wife Rosemary. Dr. Falkenstein also founded the North County Forum, a lively discussion group about local, national and international issues. In addition, Dr. Falkenstein was a driving force behind increasing library services to the southern part of the city, ultimately resulting in the construction of Carlsbad City Library on Dove Lane, which opened in 1999. Rosemary Falkenstein enjoyed a successful career in banking and finance.

Dr. Falkenstein passed away in 1998 at age 88. Rosemary died in 2017, only months prior to her 100th birthday.

“Herb Falkenstein’s enthusiasm for Carlsbad libraries was an extension of his thirst for knowledge and commitment to his community,” said Heather Pizzuto, City of Carlsbad Library & Cultural Arts director. “Always supportive of her husband’s passions, Rosemary’s financial talents led to this generous, posthumous gift to the library in the city they loved. We’re honored to be able to further enhance our history resources, which are already well-loved by community members.”

“I remember him as a wonderful man, very smart, brilliant in fact,” said Dr. Cliff Lange, director of the Carlsbad City Library during Dr. Falkenstein’s tenure on the Board of Trustees. “I respected him immensely.”

Dr. Falkenstein earned doctorate degrees in Psychology and Chinese Law, taught at Columbia University in New York and served as an assistant military attaché to the U. S. embassy in China. The Falkensteins met at the U.S. embassy in Chungking but left China after the communist takeover.

The Carlsbad City Library system serves the community with three locations: Carlsbad City Library at 1775 Dove Lane, Georgina Cole Library at 1250 Carlsbad Village Drive and Carlsbad City Library Learning Center at 3368 Eureka Place. More than 1.2 million items are checked out each year, nearly 84 percent of residents use the library in person or online and over 57,000 people visit library facilities each month. For more information visit www.carlsbadlibrary.org.

Heather Pizzuto, Library & Cultural Arts director, 760-602-2011, heather.pizzuto@carlsbadca.gov

December 12, 2018