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Community Vision

The City of Carlsbad engaged the community in a process called Envision Carlsbad, an intensive two-year process to identify the community’s hopes and aspirations for the future of their city. This vision, finalized in 2010, focuses on the following core values:

  • Small town feel, beach community character and connectedness 
  • Open space and the natural environment
  • Access to recreation and active, healthy lifestyles
  • The local economy, business diversity and tourism
  • Walking, biking, public transportation and connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • History, the arts and cultural resources
  • High quality education and community services
  • Neighborhood revitalization, community design and livability

The Carlsbad Community Vision was created through workshops, public meetings, surveys, a citizens committee and other public engagement efforts involving thousands of community members from throughout Carlsbad. The nine core values of the Community Vision now guide city decision making, including the new General Plan, approved Sept. 22, 2015, and city budget priorities.