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Apps, Forms & Handouts

This is a comprehensive listing of application forms, submittal checklists and counter handouts related to the preparation and processing of building and development projects.

Description Form No. Requirements Other Reqs
Adjustment plat E-23 E-1
Administrative variance P-1 P-4
Apportionment of assessment E-20
Blasting permit E-22
Building plan change B-15
Burial depths for yard piping B-12
Certificate of compliance for lot legality E-23 E-2
Certificate of correction E-23 E-3 C of C
Circulation impact analysis SD-1
Climate Action Plan Checklist P-30  P-31  
Coastal development permit P-1 P-2
Coastal development permit supplemental application P-1 P-7
Commercial building permit  B-1(Com)     
Conditional use permit P-1 P-2
Consistency determination P-16
Construction change (grading or improvement) E-4
Covenant of easement E-23 E-5
Credit card authorization B-29
Day care center minor conditional use permit P-1 P-8
Demolition permit B-9
Disclosure statement P-1(A)
Development Project Public Involvement P-21
Easement dedication E-23 E-5
Easement vacation E-23 E-13 Notice
Encroachment agreement E-23 E-6
Engineering plancheck - master application form E-23
Environmental Impact Assessment P-1 P-1(D)
Equipment screening Screen
Fats, oil and grease B-11
Fee estimate Fee
Final map E-23 E-7 DS, APN
Food carts and kiosks information sheet P-19
General plan amendment P-1 P-3
Grading permit E-24
Grading plancheck E-23 E-8 DS
Habitat management plan permit - minor P-1 P-17
Habitat management plan permit - major P-1 P-18
Haul route permit E-25
Hazardous materials questionnaire HM-9171
Hazardous waste statement P-1(C)
Hillside development permits P-1 P-5
Housing tracking form  P-20     
Improvement plancheck E-23 E-9 DS
Land use review permit - master application form P-1
Large family day care permit P-1 P-9
Local coastal program amendment P-1 P-3
Manufactured homes HCD 538
Master plans and amendment P-1 P-3
Minor coastal development permit/single family residence P-6
Minor grading permit E-8(A)     
Modified sign program P-11(D)     
Oversize load permit E-26
P, E & M worksheet B-18
Parcel map E-23 E-7 APN
Planned development permit P-1 P-2
Planning Commission determination P-1 P-2
Precise development plan P-1 P-2
Preliminary review P-14
Project description/location P-1(B)
Quitclaim E-23 E-10
Recreational vehicle administrative variance P-1 P-12
Redevelopment permit P-1 P-2
Re-roof permit B-10
Residential building permit B-1(Res)  B-5   
Residential construction B-5
Residential decks B-4
Residential patios B-2
Residential stairs B-3
Retaining wall B-7
Reversion to acreage E-23
Right-of-way permit (contractor) E-11
Right-of-way use E-12 E-12A
Satellite antenna permit P-1 P-13
Securities and agreements E-17 E-18
Security and agreement for Minor Grading      E-18(A)
Sign permit P-11
Site development plan P-1 P-2
Special use permit P-1 P-2
Specific Plan P-1 P-3
Standard Project Requirement Checklist      E-36
Storm water Determination of SWPPP Tier and Threat Level      E-32
Storm water Low Impact Development (LID) LID
Storm water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) Template E-35
Storm water standards questionnaire E-34
Storm water Tier 1 SWPPP Template      E-29
Street vacation E-23 E-13 Notice
Structure relocation permit P-1 P-2
Substantial conformance E-23 E-14
Swimming pool and spa permit B-21
Temporary sales location P-22
Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit


Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit Posting Rules P-11(B)    
Tenant improvement permit B-1(Com) B-6
Tentative parcel map P-1 P-2
Tentative parcel map extension P-1
Tentative tract map P-1 P-2
Tentative tract map extension P-1
Variance P-1 P-4
Water meter permit E-27
Water/sewer connection permit E-28
Will Serve Notice for Water/Sewer/Recycled Water     Notice
Zone change P-1 P-3
Zone code amendment P-1 P-3