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Permit Process

The permit process begins when you submit your completed application and fee.  The application is designed to prompt the information that is needed in the special events process.  All attachments and supporting documentation are to be submitted with the original application.

Upon receipt of your application, the Special Events Coordinator will perform an initial screening of the information.  The documentation will be forwarded to the Special Events Committee for review and approval.  Throughout the review process you will be notified if additional information (permits, licenses, certificates, etc.) is required.  All requested information must be received before final approval.  Delays in providing these items could result in the denial of your permit. 

The Special Events Committee is comprised of members from various city departments who are involved with special events.  Their primary function is to assure events are held in a manner that adequately ensures public health, safety and welfare, and does not adversely impact non-participants.  Throughout the process the Special Events Committee is available to assist the Applicant and Event Organizer in planning a successful event.