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Biking & Walking

Walk+Bike Carlsbad promotes walking and bicycling to and from the Village, Barrio and beach areas as well as within greater Carlsbad. Join us for bi-monthly walks throughout the city to learn more about the city’s trail network, explore local destinations and meet new people.  Carlsbad Walks meetups are a partnership between the City of Carlsbad and the non-profit organization, Circulate San Diego.

Trails Master Plan

Carlsbad has initiated the process of updating the Trails Master Plan and developing a Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy. Together, these documents will outline how the city may maximize the benefits and improvements on Carlsbad streets and trails—making it safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable for people to walk, hike and bike in Carlsbad, whether for recreation or transportation.

The Trails Master Plan will provide recommendations for enhancing the trail network in Carlsbad for a variety of users. The updated plan will reflect new trails and incorporate changes in the city’s trail system. The Trails Master Plan will also include design guidelines, identify priority projects and will update the Citywide Trails Map.

Active Transportation

The Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy will be a citywide approach for implementing “livable streets,” also called “complete streets,” in Carlsbad. It will include an action plan that will focus on specific ways of creating streets that are safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable for people to get around Carlsbad on a bike or by walking.

The updated Trails Master Plan and the Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy will incorporate work that has already been completed through a citywide public input process called Envision Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Community Vision identifies nine core values important to the future of Carlsbad. This project will build on the Community Vision and identify ways to make the vision a reality.

Active Transportation Programs and Guidelines

Barrio Neighborhood Lighting Guidelines

2015 Traffic Monitoring Program (Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C)

Carlsbad Residential Traffic Management Program