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Traffic Improvements Reported

The Carlsbad City Council received its fifth semiannual traffic and mobility report Tuesday night, highlighting projects that have been completed, are in progress or planned for the future. The City Council declared mobility to be one of the top three city priorities for this fiscal year, along with homelessness/affordable housing and economic revitalization.

The report noted the city Transportation Department’s accomplishments for the last six months, including: 

  • Removed more than 568 tons of roadway debris and 36 tons of storm drain sediment
  • Replaced 13,000 square feet of sidewalks within the city’s right-of-way 
  • Replaced 175 signs damaged in traffic accidents
  • Resolved 1,054 streetlight and electrical maintenance service requests 
  • Responded to 1,411 storm drain maintenance requests 
  • Completed design for nine traffic safety and speed reducing projects in neighborhoods  
  • Continued connecting more intersections to the smart traffic signal system to keep traffic flowing smoothly on city streets throughout the day
  • Implemented touch-free pedestrian signals at key locations in the Village and along the Coast
  • Completed the design for hybrid pedestrian traffic signal at Tamarack Avenue and Valley Street, a key intersection next to Valley Middle School and down the street from Magnolia Elementary School
  • City Council approval of the National U.S. Bicycle Route 95 designation on Carlsbad Boulevard to promote bicycle use and tourism in Carlsbad
  • Completed construction of traffic signals at the intersections of Poinsettia Lane and Cassia Road, and Poinsettia Lane and Skimmer Court/Oriole Court
  • Completed engineering design of the Barrio lighting project Phase 1 

Another major accomplishment within the Transportation Department is the City Council adoption of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, which describes the existing citywide transportation network and considers a future network highlighting: 

  • Bicycle, pedestrian and ADA improvements
  • Connected walking, cycling, transit and trail networks
  • Programs like Safe Routes to Schools and cycling education to encourage active transportation
  • Public transit
  • Prioritized infrastructure improvements to enhance safety and connectivity citywide
  • Mobility hubs featuring car-share and bike-share services
  • Improvements in underserved communities
  • Ways to get people to drive alone less, and instead walk, bike, ride transit or carpool more 

There are a number of traffic enhancements around El Camino Real that are still ongoing and long-term projects such as: 

  • Pedestrian improvements and additional northbound lane at El Camino Real and Cannon Road 
    • Phase 1 construction anticipated to begin spring 2021 at Cannon Road
  • Pedestrian and ADA improvements at El Camino Real and College Blvd
    • Completed engineering design 
    • Construction anticipated in 2021
  • Building the uncompleted segment of College Boulevard from Cannon Road to El Camino Real
    • Staff is currently soliciting consultant qualifications for preliminary design and environmental services
  • Widening of El Camino Real from Arenal Road to La Costa Ave
    • Started project design and environmental review
    • Anticipating award of construction contract in late 2022 

More information, including the complete list of Transportation Department highlights can be found on the staff report, page 320. 

View the previous semiannual transportation report highlights given to the City Council in July 2020 here

Staff expects to present the next semiannual transportation report in July 2021.

January 21, 2021