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TGIF Parking & Shuttle Information

TGIF Parking and Shuttles

Stagecoach Community Park – June 21, 28 & July 5

Poinsettia Community Park – July 12 & 19 

Calavera Hills Community Park – July 26 & Aug. 2

Alga Norte Community Park – Aug. 9 & 16

More Information

Getting to and from the parks is as easy as a shuttle ride! Read below for the best ways to get to the parks this summer. 

  • Shuttles. For all concerts held at Poinsettia, Calavera Hills and Alga Norte community parks, shuttles service runs continuously from 4:30 to 9 p.m. for all audience members. Staff are on hand to help load your concert gear to and from the parking lots. Plus, all concertgoers who take the shuttles will receive one free Opportunity Drawing ticket from the Carlsbad Friends of the Arts!
  • Rideshare. We also recommend utilizing a rideshare service to and from the concerts. Use the concert location for drop off and pick up, and head towards the loading zones.

Parking Information

  • On-site parking at each park is prioritized for audience members with disabled person placards and plates, and TGIF staff.
  • Loading zones are available at all parks and will be clearly marked.
  • All off-site parking lots open at 4 p.m. and close at 9:30 p.m.

Important Information for Guests

  • All temporary parking signs will be enforced. All guests must follow any and all instruction and direction from TGIF staff, security and Carlsbad Police.
  • Please be courteous of our neighbors. Do not leave any trash or walk through private property. Do not block driveways, fire hydrants or access routes in neighborhoods or on streets.
  • Please park in designated areas, including off-site parking lots at all concert venues. 
  • Make sure to read our Event Policies before heading to the parks.