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Climate Action Plan Ordinances

The following ordinances establish new regulations related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative water heating, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and transportation demand management. They were created as part of the city's Climate Action Plan, which outlines how the city will achieve required reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The ordinances, which were adopted by the Carlsbad City Council on March 12, 2019, apply to all new and some existing developments. They become effective and enforceable on different dates as noted next to links below.


Electric vehicle (effective April 11, 2019)
Transportation demand management (effective April 11, 2019)
Energy conservation, solar photovoltaic and water heating (effective upon approval by the California Energy Commission, estimated June/July 2019)
Residential water heating (effective January 1, 2020)

At a Glance (Commercial Projects)

Electric vehicle 
Transportation demand management 
Solar photovoltaic and water heating 
Energy conservation

At a Glance (Residential Projects)

Electric vehicle
Water heating
Energy conservation

Cost Effectiveness Studies 

Electric vehicle
Solar photovoltaic and water heating
Residential energy conservation
Nonresidential energy conservation

Additional Documents

Citywide TDM Plan